Lucas Czarnecki

Lucas Czarnecki does things with words. Sometimes he writes them down, sometimes he dresses them up, and sometimes he says them aloud. When he’s not doing any of that, Lucas helps other people learn about words, and sometimes he plans events (that way a bunch of word-lovers can huddle together and chat about the things they do with words).




Whurk Magazine

TYPE Magazine



Speaking in Faces / Virginia Arts of the Book Center, 2017

Teen Game: the study of teenage social dynamics / self-published, 2011



if it has words





An Ethnography of Garbage Fonts / 2017 — Hollywood Remakes: Type & Story / 2016


Graphic Language Communities / Charlottesville local speaker showcase, 2016 — The Accessibility of Design / UVA student speaker showcase, 2014 — The Accessibility of Design / Charlottesville local speaker showcase, 2014


Speaking in Faces: Virginia’s Typographical Treasures Published / Virginia Festival of the Book, 2017



Full courses

Intro to Type / video course

Introduction to Typography and Graphic Design / University of Virginia, 2015

Type365 resources

7 essential typographic layout systems / ebook — 7 deadly sins of typography / ebook — Gestalt practitioner / email course — Type & Color / video course — 9 of the best fonts you already have / ebook — An illustrated guide to typographic measurements / ebook — “What the hell is Kerning?” / guide — Design a landing page in 4 steps / ebook



Charlottesville Design Week / Virginia’s first design festival

Tuesday Design Society / the central-Virginia designer meetup